include a side pasta salad or garden salad and your choice of bread

 A.B.L.T. 9.00 classic B.L.T. avocado, cucumber, dijonaise

Chicken Avocado Wrap 10.00 chicken, avocado, bacon, goat cheese, greens

Hummus Wrap 8.00 hummus, asparagus, sun roasted tomatoes, spinach, avocado


served with a baquette

House Salad 8.00 V mixed field greens and fresh vegetables add bacon 4.00, add chicken 4.00, add smoked salmon 4.00

Mediterranean Pasta salad 8.00 V feta, parmesan, kalmata olives, artichoke, red pepper, cucumber, greek vinaigrette

Spinach Salad 8.00 V roasted asparagus, tomato, apple, goat cheese, red onion add bacon 4.00, add chicken 4.00, add smoked salmon 4.00

Veggie Chili 5.00 V homemade vegetable chili, served with a baquette Soup of the Day 5.00 toast soup of the day

Fruit Salad 20.00/1.5 lbs 35.00/3lbs

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Yogurt Parfait 14.00 (serves 10-12) add raisins, add blueberries, add strawberries, or bananas 2.00

Bagels 2.00 Sesame, poppy, multi-grain, plain, blueberry, everything

Muffins 2.00 blueberry, berry blast, chocolate chip

Scones 3.00 cranberry, blueberry

Loaf Cakes 2.00 chocolate fudge, cranberry crumb, blueberry banana, red lemon Oatmeal (Umpqua) just add hot water jack pot, mostley sunny, kick start, toasted almond


Cliff Bars 2.25 assorted varieties

Kind Bars 2.25 assorted varieties

Biscotti 1.35 chocolate, original


Coffee 14.00 (serves 10-15)

Honest Teas 2.50 black, peach, green, black forest

Bruce Cost Ginger Ale 2.50

Sarotoga 16 oz water 1.50

Freshly Sueezed Orange Juice 3.00 pt 12.00 gal

Pasturized Orange Juice 2.25 pt 7.00 gal

Canned Sodas 1.00 coke, pepsi, ginger ale, orange, grape